Hey family

Oak Gardens would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for members like you! As you continue to participate in God’s mission for this church, we just want to express our deepest appreciation for your love, faithfulness, tithes and all other forms of sacrifices you have made!

Special health safety message for our visitors and members.

Good Day, Family!

Due to the City of Dallas’ Ordinance on people that can congregate in one area, we will worship via Facebook, the church app, and Youtube.

In preparation, we are providing times for members to pick up communion, offer prayer, as well as drop of the tithes and offering, as we continue to do the work of the kingdom.

Please continue to follow us on all social platforms, as well as the church app, and the church’s website!

Thank you for your support!

Special Announcement from Sister Jacki Medlin

Wednesday Prayer Call In!

Special Announcement on Pastoral Care

Special Announcement from Brother Anthony Calahan